Monday, June 23, 2008

Diversinet Offers Secure Vertical Mobile Banking Solution

I met and had lunch today with Lars Graf from Diversinet, a California based company specializing in mobile platform security. He demonstrated for me an amazing product named MobiSecure, part of a platform offering truly secure, mobile financial management including payments, OTP generation and even a digital safe deposit box. The downloadable application uses a locally encrypted data store and talks to a server via an encrypted channel. MobiSecure is available on just about all mobile platforms, including RIM and Symbian.

MobiSecure moves beyond mobile banking and into a comprehensive platform that allows you to manage your most personal data across multiple devices leveraging patented security technology that is licensed by RSA today. Beyond your mobile phone, you can access your data from any PC using a USB token that doesn't require driver installation. Diversinet is working towards Google health integration.

Lars showed me how he could send and receive funds using a variety of accounts and currency using an incredibly simple UI. Exchange rates were calculated for cross-currency transactions. He was also able to show me his passport information and his medical records, including his allergies and current prescriptions.

MobiSecure is brandable, allowing FIs to offer it as a fee-based service that allows customers to securely manage critical financial and personal information wherever they are. For FIs seeking to realize the real cradle-to-grave customer relationship, MobiSecure provides a valuable tool that helps to bring more of the customer under their umbrella.

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