Friday, January 21, 2011

The Google Story

Google's core strength is search and data relevance. Not user experience. Not consumer electronics. Not social networking. Not platforms. Not multimedia retail or content provision. It's search and managing metadata. That's it. Their search has really started to suck as of late. It's full of spam and is becoming increasingly less reliable. All of these other areas may be more sexy but to Google, they should not matter. They need to focus on search and make that their business focus or someone will come along and do it better.

In my opinion, they should be pouring their brains into artificial intelligence. Forget music services or social networks. That's someone else's business. One thing the Microsoft story should have taught us all is that you can't be all things to every market. Google should go back to being an excellent data provider, not trying to lead the experience. That's simply not in their DNA. It's not in their story.

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